2019 Season Fixtures Announced

Yesterday (13th March), the fixtures for the 2019 season were announced, the initial matches of the newly sponsored Glossop Glass and Glazing Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League (try saying that after a couple of pints) to be held on the 27th April, where the 1sts starting their newly promoted Division 2 campaign on the road to Buxworth and the 2nds at home hosting Offerton.

2019 Fixtures lists for both squads can be found under the Fixtures and Tables menu item at the top of the page.

The full fixture list for ALL teams across the full five divisions can be downloaded in .pdf format here.

We are still waiting for the League to update the Play-Cricket website with 2019 divisions and fixtures, so the tables pages are still referencing last years’ information.

Winter Nets and Comedy Night at Stalybridge St. Paul’s

While we’re waiting for the fixtures to be announced, Club Captain, Jamie Brownhill wants to let everyone know that Winter Nets in preparation for the upcoming season will start on Tuesday 19th February, at Top Cricket in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Training will take place between 8 and 9 o’clock, all welcome, anyone interested can contact Jamie direct on o792o o56659.

In addition to this, I’ve been advised the club has organised a comedy evening, on Friday 12th April at 7:30pm, to be held in the downstairs Function Room, with two acts on the evening, James Livingstone; comedian and magician, and another comedian Edy Hurst.

This is a fund raising evening for the club, with prices for tickets to follow for this highly entertaining duo, please help support the club and please contact Chairman, Nigel Corless direct for further information and to book tickets on o7752 897623.


Championes, Championes, Olé Olé Olé!

It is with great pleasure and pride, that I can declare the Stalybridge St. Paul’s Cricket Club 1st XI as Champions of Division 3 of the Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League.

With only one more game left in the season, after yesterday’s rained off fixture against Pott Shrigley, and 2nd place Birch Vale game against Chapel-en-le-Frith also rained off, it leaves us with enough points, should we lose to Birch Vale in the final fixture of the season without earning a point, to ensure our place at the top of the table as champions.

Well done to everyone involved, the lads went out for a celebratory ‘couple’ of drinks last night, but the main celebrations take place next Saturday, for the end of season presentations and race-night.

If you want to come along, please send me a message on o792o o56659, so we can add you to the list.

Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI vs Hazel Grove CC 2nd XI

After impressing bowling session, 2nds make harder work of batting innings, but still manage to claim victory over Hazel Grove CC 2nds.

After what seems an eternity, (a month and 4 days to be petty), Brian Stone’s men were back on home ground, and after a week of torrential downpours, today’s match wasn’t a guaranteed event, but it did, and Brian won the toss and chose to put Hazel Grove into bat, stating he believed the ground would dry out over the course of the match, and the damp outfield would help prevent many unnecessary boundaries.

Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI vs Hazel Grove CC 2nd XI – 25th August 2018.


And he was correct in his thinking, with only 4 deliveries for the visitors reaching the boundary, three from opener and keeper, Steve Pigeon, and the other from captain Jake Bennett, coupled with some decent catching in the field, and good bowling figures from Ned Woodman, 2-19 off 12, 2-16 off 6 for Krunal Bhatt, 1-7 off 8 from Maurice Barber, 3-22 off 12 for Ahmed Hyatt, and 3-13 in 3.1 overs, from habitual stand-in Faz Hussain, saw Hazel Grove frustrated at the crease, and only able to put 91 runs on the board.

It could have been so much better too, with Hazel Grove 6 wickets down for 40 runs, but for a 46 run partnership between George Billingham and Jake Bennett, the latter of which was the final wicket to fall in Hazel Groves innings.

A chase of 91 in theory isn’t a great task , but that’s not the Stalybridge way this season, but between opener’s Stu Nock’s 20, Steve Monks 17, and Alex Wilde carrying the bat to finish on 21, the home side weathered the bowling attack, some of which from the Hazel Grove youngsters has to be said was excellent, to cross the finish line with 5 wickets and 13 overs to spare, but it felt like we made hard work of it.

That said, it’s great to have another win under our belt, well done lads, and well done to the 1sts also, who saw off Hollingworth to cement their place at the top of their division with an eighth consecutive victory.

Next week, the 2’s are at home again, when the opposition will be Old Glossop, who Hayfield apparently bowled out for 54 today; then the following day, it’s the second of our two games that weekend, back up Mottram Road, to Dinting Cricket Club.

Final result at score-card: Stalybridge win by 5 wickets.

Hazel Grove CC 2nd XI vs Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI

3 Lions on a shirt2nds lose 7th consecutive match, but it doesn’t matter because IT’S COMING HOME!

With the league agreeing to matches starting at 9:30am so people can get back to watch the England quarter-final match against Sweden at 3pm, it was an early start for Brian Stone’s men, on yet another gloriously sunny day, I almost forget what it’s been like the last few years, where cricket season has been synonymous with monsoon season, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts hey?

After losing the toss again, (which in itself is almost mirroring the match result compared with last season), Stalybridge were put into the field to watch for two hours as opener Joe Wilkinson and number 3, Mike Halton took everything the Stalybridge bowlers could throw at them, and pepper them comfortably to the boundary finishing on 71 and 61 apiece, with a little cameo from Joe Hall with 20 and Charlie Higson with 21 at 2 and 4 respectively, the annoying thing is as per previous matches, the bowlers were let down by the fielding, with Wilkinson dropped on 14, Halton dropped on 6, and Higson dropped on 1, if Stalybridge are to start getting positive results in matches in the latter half of this season, the catching has to improve.

Once the top four were dismissed however, Stalybridge were left with just 8 overs remaining, but they worked on their momentum, and took 5 of the remaining 6 wickets before Hazel Grove completed their 45 exactly 3 hours after start of play, finishing on 241.

After tea (or is it lunch as it’s only 12:30?), again it was Joe Wilkinson who, after doing the damage with the bat, in the opening innings, did a similar number on Stalybridge with ball, by taking the first 3 wickets before the 10th over and only 35 runs on the board.

Of the Stalybridge batting order, it was only Stephen Monks who can hold his head high today, with just a little over an hour at the midday sun crease, before being taking a faint nick, being caught behind on 41, and electing to walk, as the umpire had no idea.

With his removal the remaining wickets fell shortly after, with only Ajeet Kaintura joining him by reaching double figures before being cleanly bowled by that young man again Joe Wilkinson, to claim his 5th Stalybridge scalp of the day to end with a five-fer for just 16 runs in 8 overs, claiming victory for the home side, with Stalybridge St. Paul’s finishing on 109 AO.  Not bad for a lad that was in doubt apparently after falling in the bath this week!!!

Referring back to the umpire, for a man whose job it is to be able to count to six, he made myself and my co-scorer’s life hell as he has done on each other occasion we’ve had the misfortune to have him umpire for us, in Hazel Grove’s innings there were two eight ball overs, and at least TEN 7 ball overs, and as per usual those extra balls 90% of the time generated runs for the home side, the Stalybridge innings was worse still, he seemed to fail time after time to know when the over was well.. over, but this time, it had one of the Hazel Grove spectators shouting out after the sixth ball, if it looked like he was going to allow another, not that would have increased our score, but still frustrating.

So, by 2:35pm, Stalybridge St. Paul’s had lost, and it was a leisurely *cough* drive back to catch England vs Sweden, I only missed 5 minutes!! Well done, let’s see who we face for the Semi’s mid-week. *edit* Croatia apparently.

Well done also to the 1sts who notched up their 7th win of the season, beating Hollingworth at home for maximum points.

Final result: Hazel Grove CC 2nd XI win by 132 runs, full scorecard available here. once Hazel Grove have uploaded it.

Next week sees the two’s on the road again, when the opposition with be Old Glossop, for now, enjoy the sun and relish in England’s victory.

[Week 4] Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI vs Old Glossop CC 2nd XI

Batters wanted, please apply Gorse Hall Road cricket ground.

I’ve been trying to come up with some excuse as to why we just got so soundly beaten by Old Glossop, too windy, not used to playing on a sunny day, leaves on the line, etcetera, etcetera; but no, we got beat today because the team as a whole can’t bat, that’s easy for me to say, as someone whose never held a bat on a cricket field, sitting on the sidelines week-in, week-out, but Old Glossop had some decent batters, their opener Jamie Cannon, was only 4, or was it 6 or 2 overs short of carrying the bat for his team, finishing on 67, and they had five others in double figures, whereas we had just one batter reach over 10 runs, that’s pretty shambolic, I’m sorry to have to say.

We’re still ok at bowling though, Ahmed Hayat got 4 wickets, and freshly  returned from a year off Garry Sandiford got 3, but again Old Glossop had a very well oiled bowling attack, with each of their 5 bowlers taking two wickets apiece, and I fully expect them to be top of the table come the end of the season, but that doesn’t detract from our own failings.

With that in mind, I need to apologise to the team for buggering up the scoring towards then end of their bowling innings, where it fluctuated between 9, 8, 7, 5 and 4 overs left like it was being made up on the spot, I learned that I shouldn’t try to watch the test match on my phone, while trying to juggle scoring, updating the scoreboard, and switching between WIFI’s every couple of overs to update the online score card mid-game.

Next up, the team head over Werneth Low where the opposition will be Compstall.

Final result and scorecard: Old Glossop CC 2nd XI win by 128 runs.

[Week 3] Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI vs Hazel Grove CC 2nd XI

2nd XI suffer 3rd consecutive defeat, this time at the hands of Hazel Grove (and some might suggest the umpire, I’ve been told, many many people, bigly mistakes they say, I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s just what I hear.).

It all started with captain Brian Stone losing the toss, and his opposite number Jake Bennett put the home side into the field, though it looked like Stalybridge had the run of Hazel Grove, making short work of the lower batting order, taking the first four wickets with the visitors on just 36 runs.  When spin bowler Jordan Elliott takes the fifth wicket they have only added 5 more runs, and is looking dangerous, conceding just seven runs by his third over, when the ball slips out of his hand as he looses the ball and the umpire declares (correctly) a no-ball and informs him and Brian that he has to leave the bowling attack, due to dangerous play (incorrectly) .  What should have happened, and he later apologised for after firstly I pointed out to him the MCC Cricket Law (41.6.3 if you care) that states he should have been given a warning, and secondly again by league secretary Ian Halford after the match.  His removal meant a complete change to the bowling attack had to occur, and is seen by some as being a pivotal moment in the match.

It was at this point that Mark Baker had only just entered the field, and whether having the spinner on would have made a difference or not, it was definitely destabilising and it allowed Mark to see out the rest of the innings finishing 59 not out, and 99 more runs between himself and the rest of the pack, the only notable other batsman was captain Jake Bennett, who came in at 11, apparently due to carrying a knock, who put on 22 before being bowled by Robocop Tony Mooney.

That said, Ajeet Kaintura had a good spell bowling getting a 5fer conceding just 14 runs, well bowled Ajeet.

Going from being 55-8 with something like 20 overs to go, to 140 all out, with only 2 overs remaining and the incident with the umpire definitely played on the minds of the home players, as there was some definitely solemn faces at the interval, which carried over into their batting innings, with the only one over in the first 7 conceding any runs, with 4 wickets lost before the home side hit 30, it was instantly evident that a collapse was incoming, and unlike our fielding last week, where we couldn’t catch a cold, Hazel Grove’s Joe Wilkinson caught 3 decent catches in the field, to take out Alex Wilde, Khalid Akram and Keith Bowers, with little to no batting talent left in the side, the match just petered out to expectant defeat, with none of the eleven able to muster a run score above 16.  The other annoying thing which put son Jordan in an even fouler mood was he was given out (correctly) ONE ball after a no-ball decision was made against the bowler which was at shoulder height (not above head like Jordan’s was), and the umpire chose not to penalise the player in a consistent manner.

*edit* It’s just been confirmed to me by captain Brian Stone that in addition to Jordan being removed from the bowling attack, the umpire also blocked Steve Monks and Khalid Akram from bowling also, following No-Ball decisions against them, further crippling the Stalybridge bowling options, however that doesn’t change the fact that we still need an improved batting line-up.

In stark contrast to last season, where Brian’s men could seemingly do no wrong, and the weather was awful, the start of this season has seen the distinct opposite, absolutely glorious weather, but poor performances out on the pitch.

In better news, the 1sts had a cracking game away at Hollingworth, with Rob Mallet hitting 85, and Joe Robinson breaking recent-time club batting record with 165 not out, seeing Jamie Brownhill’s men see a very impressive 169 run win after finishing their innings on 338.

This video is of Joe hitting 150 en-route to his 165.  Well done lad.

Ah well, better luck next week, when the opposition visiting Gorse Hall Road will be Old Glossop, who at time of writing were sitting in second place in the table.

Final result: Hazel Grove win by 57 runs, full score card available here.

Countdown to Season 2018

With just 8 weeks to go before the start of the new season, Tuesday night nets have been underway for the last couple of weeks, so it was time to prepare the website for the new season also; with the league’s move away from CricHQ after just one season due to poor service, and them apparently entering into receivership, it meant the return to Play-Cricket, the ECB’s own back-end system for fixtures and stats, this meant a whole new learning curve for me, to learn how to to integrate their data using JSON directly into our site, meaning the 1st XI and 2nd XI league tables are now generated on the fly from live data. The fixture lists are now searchable, so you can now see when you’re playing a particular team, or who on what date, as well as linking to the relevant fixture information on the Play-Cricket website, if needed.

I’ve made preparations for preparation for full detailed scorecards to be viewable, which is something CricHQ initially provided at the beginning of their usage, but kiboshed about half way through the season, an example of the new page is viewable here. which was the last game we played in the Cheshire Cricket Alliance, and last to use Play-Cricket back then.

In addition, I’ve signed up to Periscope, and depending on phone reception and electricity, I’ll try and live-stream video of matches I score at, depending on whether anyone cares or not. 🙂

And finally, presuming there’s somewhere a bit more scoreboard friendly this season, I’ve got another geeky thing to unveil for home match-day scoring.

In the mean-time, there’s a new app to download on your phones for live coverage of matches, so delete the CricHQ one you have, and head on over to your relevant app-store to get ECB Play Cricket Live.

App Store logo Google Play logo

Who says the close season is quiet…

With the new season still 5 months away, and the Ashes Tour, only just underway, you’d expect it to be all quiet at Chez Staly, but apparently not.

At the AGM 2 weeks ago, it’s a pleasure to announce the outgoing vice-captain Jamie Brownhill has been dumped with the job of elected to 1st team captain, congratulations, and good luck in the new role.

His first task was to work with kit partner Icon Sports, in creating an online store for all things SSPCC, I’ll be integrating it into this site, but in the meantime, you can visit it here.

*edit* I couldn’t integrate their catalogue into our page, as they don’t utilise the secure HTTPS web standard, which is a bit odd for a shopping site, but hey-ho, so I’ve just created a link to it in the menu at the top of the page.

The fixtures for next season were also announced today, and as above, I’ve updated the fixtures pages for the upcoming season, here’s the 1sts’ games, and this page has the 2nds fixtures.  Mr Brownhill’s men open the new campaign hosting Charlesworth who finished just one place above Stalybridge in the 2017 season, and the seconds head up Mottram Road to face Dinting, who finished 4th from bottom of Division 3 this year, but with the restructuring of the divisions now join Stalybridge 2nds in the newly created Division 5.

Enjoy the Ashes, come on @EnglandCricket stuff the Aussies, have a good Christmas, and a Happy New Year.